Conceptual design for a new dinner table ritual

With aanstapel no one needs to leave the table to prepare dinner. Building on Dutch habits as gourmet and fondues, the aanstapel table set creates a new table-top ritual. Other then a normal table setting the dishes are now stacked to rise above the table. This results in a unique dinner experience, full of surprises to when the stack is deconstructed with each course.

In a stack, all courses are served at the same time. The different bowls hide the contents of the upcoming courses for the diners. When the dinner is ongoing, nobody needs to leave the table for the kitchen to get the next course. At the end of a course, at the same moment, all dinner companions take their own empty bowl from the stack to start the next course. The new dinner table ritual thus stimulates long and cosy dinners.

The bowls can be stacked in different ways. For use at the table, they are stacked so that a space is left to contain the courses. When they are put in the cupboard, the bowls can be turned such that they nest tightly together. The bowls can of course also be used for other kitchen and dinner applications. The dinner set consists of bowls of different sizes and a set of drinking glasses.