Jongh Geleerd Oud Gedaan

Lace cloth are commonly associated with times gone by. Stitch, chains, half double crochet and a slip stitch; these is crotchet jargon that is now only known to a small group of people. We think this is a pity: Crochet and lacework are beautiful techniques to apply in modern product design.

The product line ‘Jongh Geleerd, Oud Gedaan’ builds on that given. The starting point is the traditional handicraft; the end result a series of modern and contemporary jewelry.

JONGHLABEL found the required knowledge and skills with women in different city regions of Amsterdam. These ladies are masters of the old techniques of “frivolité”, lace making, and the Turkish variants of Dantel and Oya. The handiwork is treated with silver- and gold-plaiting and neon paint to a colorful jewelry series. Every piece is hand made and unique.